3 Essential Productivity Tips You Need For Life

productivityFrom social media distractions to the massive influx of information we receive on a daily basis, it’s no wonder productivity is getting replaced with procrastination. Despite the endless amount of useful resources that help people become more efficient in life, procrastination is on the rise.

Despite this, the concept of productivity is also achieving more awareness in society. Entrepreneurs and specialists are encouraged to write books and develop courses on productivity alone. People are becoming more attuned to the benefits of being productive and how it affects one’s success in life.

With all the information out there, it can be difficult to decide which productivity tips and tricks to follow. To help you on your journey to being more efficient in your professional and personal life, all you need are these three simple and fundamental tips:

1. Keep a list with you at all times.

On average, 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts run through your mind each day! Without a to-do list, there’s no way you can keep track of every important thoughts and reminders. Keep a list with you everywhere you go so that you can jot down any critical thoughts you have, such as paying a bill at the end of the week or a goal you want to achieve. Not only will you have a way to remember those important ideas, you’ll also unclutter your mind.

2. Stay organised.

Organising and staying organised are two of the most basic and essential habits of successful individuals. Your life – both business and personal – are going to be much more manageable and enjoyable when you get organised. From your home to your task list, organise everything that you can. Use labels, folders, boxes and other organisation tools to keep your belongings in place (and remember where you put them, too).

3. Do one task at a time.

The trend of multi-tasking isn’t effective, nor is it a logical method to get things done. In fact, when you attempt to multi-task, you are still only focusing on one activity at a time – just at a high-speed rate. You can never have more than one focus at any given point in time. You only have one mind; therefore you only have one attention span.

When you multi-task, you are forcing your mind to jump all over the place. Instead of attempting to do several tasks at once, spend 15-30 minutes on one task and put all your effort and focus into it. You’ll increase your efficiency and productivity while keeping boredom and restlessness at bay.

Being more productive in life may seem like a challenge, however the more you put these tips into practice, the better and more efficient you’ll be. To get started, put yourself on a 21 day challenge and practice these tips every day. According to studies, it takes at least 21 days to develop a habit, whether good or bad. If you’re ready to say goodbye to procrastination and hello to a life full of accomplishments, make these tips your productivity rules for life!

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