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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Your mindset is the single most important factor in determining your success in life.  According to Social Media, many of us have had a challenging year (to say the very least), and are looking forward to wiping the slate clean on 2016 before welcoming in the New Year! While the New Year is wonderful for […]

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5 Steps to Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is one of the keys of a highly successful and meaningful life. Discipline enables you to do all the things you know in your heart you should do, even though you may not feel like doing them. Without self-discipline, you will not set clear goals, manage your time effectively, persist through the tough times, […]

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Are You Scared of Selling?

Dishonest, manipulative, pushy and arrogant – that’s how most of the world view salespeople. What people fail to realise, is that in every profession, there’s always a handful of rotten eggs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t separate yourself from the basket of rotten eggs. Yes, it’s frustrating to have people assume that you’re a […]

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How to Develop Your Attitude of Gratitude

Your mindset is the single most important factor in determining your success in life. What you put out, you will attract. If you think that only bad people exist in the world, you’ll only see bad people in your life. If you think that you can’t get a promotion at work because you believe you […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships take lots of effort, love, and care. Whether you’ve been with your partner for a few months or many years, there is always room for improvement. There are a number of reasons why your relationship may not be as strong as it could be. If you want to improve the connection between you and […]

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