How to Make Your Education Effective in the Internet Age

education-distractionYou may consider yourself lucky, to live in an amazingly hyper-connected society, at a very exciting time in the history of mankind, when access to and sharing of information has never been better than it is right now. You educate yourself, share, discuss and refine knowledge easily across the globe, and in seconds.

Contrast this to a time, just a few centuries ago, when knowledge was confined to localised areas and actually took several months, or years, to be transferred and made available to the next person. Education was not a given. It was an indulgence and available to a few.

We have really come a long way with education, given its reach today through the school and university systems. Consider how natural and effortless it is for you to access and share educational resources presently and how incredibly liberating and empowering it is to be able to learn anywhere, anytime.

Yet you may also wonder, as I do sometimes, why a lot of students in the present “evolved” education system, find that they cannot retain information which was taught a few weeks ago in class, or just a month after their graduation, in spite of there being so many, physical and virtual learning resources available. As an educator, I would love to share my thoughts with you now.

As a student under the present education system, you have access to good quantity of resources but not necessarily good quality of resources. In fact, the sheer quantity of information leads to incredible inefficiency in using your resources and your time. You end up consuming loads of additional information, which distracts you from learning what you set out to learn.

Add to this, social media distractions and some people lose focus entirely. You need to be really committed to learning about your subject to develop the ability to filter out information. Once you can do this, your ability to retain information dramatically improves.

The important truth that all educators need to share with their students is that education is not about acing your grades but really about developing habits of hard work and responsibility. Eventually, it is not your grades, but these habits which will ensure your success in life. Excellent grades are a natural byproduct of the excellent habits a student has, not the other way around.

If you find learning by yourself monotonous, and your attention tends to wander easily, it is a good idea to work in groups. You may have heard of the acronym T.E.A.M. which stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Well, in the eQ world, it stands for Together Everyone Achieves Magic!

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