Danielle Connelly

I want to say that tonight the world looks different. Very different. I am no longer perplexed. I feel real. I feel alive. I feel aligned. Things make sense. My world seems clear and nothing is confusing to me – even the most complex models and ways of life people live. I want to say thank you for such an incredible weekend. You have pushed me over the edge to help me see what I needed to see. As I said, today looked different. The world was mine. Things no longer look hard. Things no longer look impossible. With maintaining my absolute respect for you all, I cannot say that everything seems this way just because of the weekend. I have worked with many aware, honest, open and successful beings who have helped me find you. Of course, I have to thank myself also. This does not reduce the credibility that I give to you all. My world is clear. My vision is clear. My purpose is as clear as it has been and I actually believe in it. You played the final part in helping me get there. I will no longer look back. That is my commitment to you. That is my commitment to me and my vision.

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