3 Ways to Build Your Power Team

TeamworkFinding the right people for your business can be a time consuming and expensive exercise. These 3 tips will help guide you to find and keep amazing employees who have the knowledge, experience and attitude that you need.

1. Make a list of your ideal employees

When it comes to finding and hiring the right people for your business, knowing exactly who you want is crucial. Have a clear vision of the people you want as part of your team. List their ideal skills, personality, experience, knowledge and any other aspects you want. Then, create a list of the job positions in your business and define all the responsibilities and expectations of the roles. Think about how you want each person to perform his or her job to achieve a goal that you have in your business. Who do you want as part of your power team that you can trust with the tasks to accomplish your business goals?

2. Take your time with the interview process

Create your own questions – even a paid trial job – to get to know your potential employees. Don’t use generic questions. While you’re talking with the candidate, listen to them very closely and pick up on non-verbal cues from their body language. Learn as much as you can about the candidate. If you are not sure, bring them back in again for another interview and perhaps involve another colleague for a second opinion. Pay attention to your gut instinct, as it is usually right.

3. Make your employees feel valued

Ok, so you’ve got the right people, now you need to retain them. Your talented employees really are your biggest and best investments and keeping them happy in your business is part of your job. If they enjoy their work and have the support and resources they need, they will be more productive and provide better customer service and this will positively affect your bottom line. Benefits and bonuses for your employees will help them stay motivated and feel like part of a team. For instance, you can provide meals; arrange social events or have flexible working arrangements. Find benefits that are a good fit for your business culture and values and not only will your employees appreciate it; you will also attract more of your ideal employees.

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