5 Tips for Creating Quality Family Moments

Quality Family MomentsOne of many issues that I find parents face today is capturing quality moments. Parents today work hard to provide for their children with comforts and privileges they themselves might not have had. This often involves working long hours with less and less time spent with the family.

Other issues that may fill your life may include financial concerns, relationship struggles, business worries, health issues, and the list goes on. Where do we find time to put love and effort into our families?  We allow ‘stuff’ to blur what is most important, time together.  This doesn’t mean hours of your time. ‘Quality time’ means, more attention rather than the actual quantity of time spent.

Below I have included some ideas to embrace quality family time:

  1. Sit with your family at the dinner table for one main meal a day. Turn off all mobile phones, television, computers etc.  This ensures that family time is now the priority regardless of how short the time is.
  2. During family time at the dinner table, take turns sharing the best thing of the day.  This opens the lines for positive communication.  Demonstrate respect by listening without interruption when someone is sharing.
  3. Spend one hour each week as ‘family time’ where the family plays games, watches a favourite movie or joins together making delicious and healthy food.
  4. Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a family camping night – toast marshmallows and tell stories.
  5. Volunteer with your teen. Let them choose a charity to volunteer for and participate as a family for an hour or so.

The above tips are just a few ways to spend time with your family and truly, they take very little time and are pure quality.

Action: Set yourself the goal to practice at least one of these tips each week.  Even one day a week is a great start. It is better to have a plan and take action.  Whatever you choose, write it on the calendar or schedule it into your teen’s mobile phone. Remember, most importantly, have fun!