Aaron Hickey

Aaron’s life purpose is to assist others in growing with integrity in both their words and actions. Using his learning and attention to presence, he helps his clients identify and create change through positive experiences and communicating life awareness.

For more than 20 years Aaron has worked for the Western Australia Police as a trainer, educator and manager. He has also worked and experienced life in the Enga Province of Papua New Guinea. These backgrounds have given him valuable exposure to many varied people, personalities and lifestyles.

Aaron’s experiences allow him to grasp an early understanding of what is at the core of a person's being and is driven by the belief that a lasting positive outcome can be found for every situation.

Aaron’s strengths are communication and a passion to help people who are wanting positive change in their life. He is committed to guiding his clients in their desire to make focused, lasting transformations.

Supporting his clients through a sometimes tough experience Aaron has found this will bring them significant results through inspiration, their considered actions and new found life tools.