Carolyn Van Kints

Carolyn’s passion is to build a strong foundation for growth by educating and guiding all her clients. She is committed to empower them to discover their true self, through their dreams and desires.

Her education in finance administration, fitness, alternative therapies and Stone masonry has made a huge impact on her discovering that being adaptable and getting clear on what her dreams are is the best way to see them become a reality.

Having the right people in her life who listened and guided her to live her truth only magnified the results and brought even more fulfillment. Transforming from a traumatic life as a teen and overcoming mental and health challenges made her the person she is today. This is the foundation for her strength and passion for helping others to overcome their barriers and dis-empowering beliefs and to have compassion for themselves. Most importantly Carolyn inspires all her clients to live their own life purpose.

Carolyn’s motto for life is to Dream from your heart. Believe in yourself. Create success and Celebrate with love and gratitude.