Doug Durie

Doug Durie is a business & life coach, investor, marketer and multiple income stream entrepreneur.

His multiple income streams have allowed Doug the opportunity to move forward with his wealth of knowledge in strategic intelligence and planning to achieve his priorities and dreams. He has worked in a collaborative culture whilst transforming his investment portfolio using multiple income streams.

His experience and track record has produced varying results and he is now on his way to building his future with multi-million dollar business units with Property, Information Technology and E-learning products. All of which, Doug can help you with moving forward.

Doug has certification in Leadership (Roles, Theory, Action Centred, Ethical) Motivating, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Interpersonal Communication, Mentoring, Managing Change, Team Effectiveness, Continuous Improvement, Team Dynamics and Quality Concepts.

He has passion for baseball, wants to set up scholarships, seeing family, as well as plans to undertake a 12-month discovery journey to see new places and engage in different cultures.

With the skills that he possess, Doug is willing to help others, including people like you; family; friends and co-workers, make effective change in their lives.