Ewen Richards

Ewen is passionate about people connecting with their true purpose and sharing their greatest gifts.

His background and training is extensive from Brain Research to Education, Natural Therapies, Massage, Reiki, Shamanic practices and Mind-Body medicine.

He is also an NLP Master Practitioner with a Diploma of Body Psychotherapy.

Ewen developed an interest in coaching more than 10 years ago as a volunteer in various personal development, communication and leadership courses.

He has found great fulfillment from participating in personal transformation and breakthrough results achieved by clients.

His strengths include distinguishing and interrupting the language and perception of limiting belief systems to open up new possibilities.
He is a community connector and leader who loves to work with inspiring projects and businesses.

Recently he served on the organising committee of Menergy, the largest men’s event in Australia and he is developing workshops to assist men and their communities.