Helen Ambrose

Helen is a powerful, effective, intuitive and compassionate coach. She has a background in running her own businesses, with Diplomas in Business Administration, Work, Health and Safety, Cert IV in Frontline management and education services, plus many years of experience in training and development. 

Over the years, Helen found herself naturally fall into the areas of supervising, counselling and the developing of staff within business and corporate environments. With her love of helping people grow and succeed in life, both in career and personal, moving into becoming a Success Coach was a natural progression.

Helen’s curiosity and her passion for learning and self-education has led to a life of constant change and growth, with many adventures along the way. She has learnt to act and work through life with an attitude of loving-kindness (Metta) towards herself and others.

Helen loves working with and coaching her clients. She finds it an absolute joy to see them become the best version of themselves, in all areas of life. She very much looks forward to working with you!