Janet Hill

Janet became a coach because she discovered that having a passion and purpose in life was the difference between existing and living.

Janet has over 25 years experience in Early Childhood and Education settings and has a passion for promoting great relationships within families. She is a firm believer in setting fair expectations and boundaries for all members of the family which creates a strong base in which the family can grow. She is also passionate about young children and how they learn, through talk and play, in everyday situations.

Janet has grown through her experiences and no longer uses; alcohol or food to self-medicate. She has successfully recovered from debilitating depression and lost 25 kilos with a change in her diet!

Janet is passionate about helping people make similar changes and to build loving and compassionate families .The passion Janet has, to help people find their true happiness and live the life they truly deserve comes through in her caring and nurturing manner because she wants you to experience amazing transformations and achieve all that you dream.