Rachel Forward

Rachel is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent. She worked for a professional accounting firm for 10 years before becoming an owner of the firm for another 11 years. On realising that her clients were missing vital assistance Rachel sold her share of the business and moved into business and success guidance.

Being a trusted advisor to many clients has allowed Rachel to provide assistance with the burning questions around finance and wealth while providing support in all other areas of need. Rachel’s focus is helping Small to Medium Businesses and Individuals have their financial successes while keeping their health, relationships and living the lifestyle they desire. There is nothing more she likes than to see her clients and celebrate their successes. She loves being organised and setting her clients on the path to success through organising and planning their futures.

Travel and snow skiing are passions of Rachel’s and her family along with enjoying her beach side lifestyle. Therefore Rachel is committed to helping her clients have the lifestyle, relationships and health.