Rowena Bennett

Rowena has had a wonderfully successful life and career to date. She has a Commerce degree and has created and sold a successful Mortgage Broking business. She has also achieved great success in her career as a Project Manager/Business Analyst in the finance and utilities industries.

Rowena has two beautiful teenage sons and a loving family to support her. She has traveled the world extensively which has broadened her mind and understanding of people from different cultures and backgrounds, further helping in her level of compassion and understanding towards others as a coach.

Rowena has come from a professional career in which she found had left her without a sense of purpose or happiness and ultimately wanting more from life. In more recent years she experienced a profound tragedy that brought her to the world of Success Coaching. Traveling through the Success Coaching journey, and ultimately becoming a Master Coach, has helped Rowena to find true happiness, and it now fulfils Rowena's desire to help others to achieve the happiness they deserve in their lives.

Rowena's stated purpose is to respectfully dedicate herself to kindly support and connect with others - in all its different forms - so that they are empowered to courageously create a happy and fulfilling future. Rowena has a power packed toolkit of skills, competencies and experience to support her clients to achieve success and happiness in their lives.