A Guarantee to Suck

A Guarantee to SuckYou know when you sign up for those courses or products that come with a guarantee. A guarantee that if you do not like the experience you can have your money back or you can get a trade up or repeat for no extra. That is because the provider has confidence that you will get what you expected most of the time.

Well I have that level of confidence and so will give you my personal guarantee on the following statement. “In the beginning there WILL be times when you will suck at it.”

You will suck at the new hobby, project, job or relationship. You will suck at getting it all right, in the right time, in the right order. You will suck at knowing what to say when and when to not say anything at all. You will suck at launching rich or saving time. You will suck at doing the four minute mile in four minutes.

And then later when you expand, supersize your invention, launch your complete box set, take on staff or contractors, introduce children into the equation, you will suck at that sometimes too.

So with that guarantee in mind, you can get up out of your chair, dress for the occasion and get on with it.

What a relief.