Are You Scared of Selling?

scared of sellingDishonest, manipulative, pushy and arrogant – that’s how most of the world view salespeople. What people fail to realise, is that in every profession, there’s always a handful of rotten eggs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t separate yourself from the basket of rotten eggs.

Yes, it’s frustrating to have people assume that you’re a salesperson with these traits. However, just like Taylor Swift says in her hit song; shake it off, shake it off… just shake it off!

When you are done shaking off others’ opinions of you (and your pre-conceived ideas of what you think others’ opinions are!), here are a few things you can do to show your clients you really care about them and have their best interests at heart:

1. Know your customers

Being a great salesperson is not about your experience. It’s not about your knowledge a certain topic. It’s about how you can help your customers with whatever problems they have. Understand your target audience. That’s how you’ll be able to give them better advice and service as well as build better relationships with your customers.

2. Avoid being aggressive and pushy

Most salespeople think they have to be pushy or aggressive to make a sale, but this method does the exact opposite! Instead of being aggressive, focus on being positive and making yourself approachable. Be empathetic toward your prospects and listen to their challenges. Be honest and offer possible solutions.

One way to radiate positivity is to smile and ask people how you can help them or what they are looking for. Even if you are speaking to someone on the phone, it is still important to smile! They will hear it in your voice and pick up on your positive energy.

3. Remember facts about your customers

Once you start talking to your prospects, many of them will tell you details of their life. Perhaps one of them told you she was going to a wedding over the weekend. Another may have told you how his wife is having a baby next week.

Make an effort to remember details about your potential customers and the next time you speak to them, ask them about how the personal situation is going. Show them that you care about them, not just the sale. If you don’t see or hear from them for a while, you can call them to ask them how things are going. Then, remind them about their interest in your product or service, and ask them if they’re still interested. Mention any promotions going on, too, if possible.

According to Business News Daily, 80 percent of sales happen after the fifth contact, yet only 10 percent of salespeople persist this long! Don’t give up. Continue to follow-up with your prospects over time and build those relationships. Polite persistence wears down resistance.