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The Power of Stories and how a Donkey blew up the Internet..

The wisdom of the ancients, the tribal rights of passage and the traditions and rituals of religion and spirituality all have one thing in common.  Whether you look on a cave wall, enter the sacred space of the pyramids, visit a temple or church or when you were sitting cross legged on the classroom floor […]

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Watch Your Language!!

Have you heard the saying your words create your world? Well they do so we damn well better choose them wisely! Whether you go to a library or Facebook has become your library you may have seen the most recent research on how powerful words truly are.  This may include; Dr Emoto’s work with water, […]

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Have you done the impossible?

Have you ever heard or made the statement “if you had told me twelve months ago that I would now be ….. I would have laughed in your face”?  I recently took the time to reflect on how my life had changed dramatically over the last twelve months. As a result I realised that there […]

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