Be Happy Now Challenge

be-happyIn today’s world, materialism is at its peak. From fancy cars to designer clothes, people are chasing ‘shiny objects’, believing that they’ll find happiness within those material things. However, even when they get the new things they so desperately wanted, they continue to strive for them. It’s a never-ending cycle of instant gratification. Yet people continue to wonder why they haven’t found happiness! The never-ending pursuit of happiness through external means is not limited to material items – alcohol, drugs, friends, family, perfectionism and countless other aspects of an individual’s life become something or someone that person depends on for happiness.

So, what is the oh-so mysterious, true secret to happiness? It’s deciding to be happy now. You choose to be happy. You choose to have a great day or a bad day. You choose your thoughts and feelings. You choose to change your day for the better. Your choice is the secret ingredient, the magical formula – whatever you want to call it – to being happy. Despite what society says, happiness is found within you, not from what’s outside you. You rule your world, and you’re in control of your happiness. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be happy in the present or not.

Being happy now is a foreign concept to many people, especially if they’re programmed to think that outside sources, such as money and addictions, can fill the void in their hearts. But being happy now is a habit. It takes time to get to the point where you’re not swayed by situations in your life or other people’s influences. Sure, obtaining those shiny objects or depending on something else may be a faster way to feel happy, but it’s only temporary. If you continue to depend on an outside source for happiness, you’ll always chase after it and never be truly happy.

You have the power within yourself to bring happiness to your world. Take control of that power, and use it to change your life for the better. You may not be able to change the people around you, however you can change yourself and the aspects in your life that you have control over.

Be Happy Now Challenge #1

The first challenge for you is to start choosing to be happy now. Even if it’s just a little bit or even if you just feel ‘okay’, choose to feel positive right this moment. To help you feel good in the now, think about the good things in your life, what you like to do, people you enjoy spending time with, what you like to eat or anything else that makes you feel good. Be aware of your thoughts, actions, and spoken words because they can be real eye-openers and show you how you truly feel.

Be Happy Now Challenge #2

The next challenge is to list out all the ‘bad’ things that are going on in your life. Come up with several ways you can tackle each one on your list. Remember to focus on the feeling of happiness while you’re doing this exercise. You’re doing something about what you don’t like in your life, so that’s something to be happy about and celebrate.

Happiness is a journey; it’s not a destination. Each day, you’ll be faced with obstacles. Each day, you have the choice to be happy now and face any obstacle with happiness as your armour.

About the Author Jessica Vernon