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Are You a Story Teller or a Self Starter?

This Christmas was probably the most unusual one I’ve ever had. While many people were resting, relaxing, and catching up with friends and family, I took the opportunity of some downtime to take a deep breath, focus, and push forward towards the vision of my coaching business. Two weeks of completely focussed daily action. There […]

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Living with your oldest friend

What a journey this life is, searching for answers, finding your way through – fumbling, falling, getting back up and experiencing the joy when things manifest just as you said you wanted them to. You have a friend here too; you carry this friend everywhere with you. It is your constant companion, you share every […]

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Gone in a Day

“The only constant in life is Change”. How often do we hear that and dismiss it? Another new age personal development cliché. True, it’s a cliché, yet what I have learnt about most clichés is that they are based in fact and truth. I am training in a beautiful part of Victoria called Steels Creek […]

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Lessons from Paradise

Six weeks ago I stepped off the plane from 12 incredible days in Bali at our eQ Personal Mastery Program. As I drove through the traffic from the airport, everything still felt surreal, like I had been in a time capsule. The traffic moved slower or at least I moved slower in it. The hustle and bustle of […]

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What are your Superhero Powers?

You know the scene in the movie when the chips are down and the whole city is gripped with fear. There are people heading to their demise or the girl is taken hostage to see if the Superhero has the metal to take on his archenemy. You know how the superhero gets that look of […]

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