Conscious Living Festival Coming to Perth

Conscious Living Expo 2014Every year the Conscious Living Festival is a magnet for people who are choosing more holistic, sustainable ways of living and exploring spiritual pathways.

This year’s program promises to be especially uplifting and inspirational through the presence of Braco, who is world renown for his silent loving gaze. For the past 9 years, beginning in Croatia and now broadcast around the world through the internet, Braco has been transmitting a potent healing energy through his eyes.

He does not claim to be a guru, healer or teacher yet thousands of people report miraculous recoveries from illness, improvements in their outlook on life and their ability to cope with challenges. Scientists studying the phenomenon of Braco’s Gaze report that it takes place beyond the level of ‘energy healing’.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience 6 Gazing Sessions each day during the Festival in addition to an outstanding program of Seminars, experiential workshops, psychic Mediumship demonstrations and live music concerts. The 4 day event takes place from October 16-19 at a new venue, the Belmont Park Racecourse which has the capacity to accommodate the huge crowds expected to see Braco.

This year’s keynote speakers include Gail Thackray, US Spiritual Medium, and author of “Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God”, the popular best selling holistic health author, Dr Sandra Cabot, environmental health scientist Dr Peter Dingle, Will Shannon, a leading iridologist from Sydney, Love’s Alchemy, author, Sky Shayne Innes, and Shamanic Channel, Matthew Greenwood.

World renowned musicians, India Jiva, Sika Rose, Rupert Guenther and sound healer, Lou Van Stone will entertain and uplift audiences at the main stage each day. A highlight of the festival not to be missed is a vibrational sound bath session with Kyela – a deeply meditative relaxation experience absorbing the healing tones of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Fibonacci pipes and a Wuhan gong.

Christine Reid, blends transformational sounds of the crystal singing bowls in her healing sessions on Saturday. Sika Rose will take participants on a journey into altered states of consciousness through the primordial sounds of his didgeridoo, drums, flutes and rattles.

The Expo offers a wide range of health and wellbeing solutions, organic and super foods as well as eco friendly products for the home and the garden.
A new Natural Therapies zone will showcase the latest healing modalities and there are free art and crystal workshops for Kids on Sunday and the chance to meet the animals including a miniature horse.

Delicious healthy food is available all day including organic juices and smoothies, raw, vegetarian and vegan cuisine as well as oil free and allergy free meals.

Early bird tickets can be purchased online at a discounted rate which include a free gazing session with Braco.

Come and visit us at the eQ events stand!

Opening times: 10am to 6pm Thursday to Sunday October 16-19
For the full program visit

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By Peter Conna

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