Personal Mastery

A truly transformational 7 days in paradise.OMG, what can we say? Personal Mastery Bali is just… wow.It’s the ultimate detox of your body, mind & soul. We have brought together a potent blend of advanced healing techniques along with a luxurious stay at the Zen Resort to create an unforgettable experience.The Personal Mastery program will transform the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. You will feel lighter, healthier and happier. Reward yourself with a new, refreshed you.Imagine awakening in your bungalow overlooking the deep blue sea of Bali. You are called to morning yoga where the gentle exercises tone and relax your body and the meditation calms your mind. Often referred to as Paradise on the other side, you will truly lose your sense of time and find peace and harmony. This is the region where Bali’s most seldom visited treasures may be found including enchanting waterfalls, sacred temples and cultural and ceremonial villages.Check out the Zen Resort – this is where you’ll be staying!

Personal Mastery works as a meditation retreat, health & detox program, wonderful holiday, fabulous shopping trip, time to relax and transformational program. Phew! That’s a whole lot of awesome. Chilled out, transformational awesome.

The program includes

  • 6 nights twin-share accommodation
  • Daily seminar, yoga, and meditation classesAll meals
  • Day spa and massages
  • Sunrise sail, Temples, Waterfalls and many more activites
  • Supervised fast and optional detoxifiying program

During this week you will not only cleanse your body, but also your mind and soul, of toxins, limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and baggage. You’ll discover yourself and who you truly are.

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Check out these pics from a previous program…

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the program…“The flow was brilliant and balanced. I enjoyed learning so much about myself and more about spirituality. I’m looking forward to adding so much of these learnings into my life. Thank you eQ, for everything.”Kylie Clift“The whole program was amazing! It was well structured and the processes were clear. I loved the variety of activities and the way they encouraged me to dive in and delve deeper into myself. I learned that everyone has things to deal with, their own personal stuff and that I’m not alone.”Dorothy Dominique“Personal Mastery is a must do for everyone! It was a fantastic, healing and growing experience with loads of love and support from all the resort and eQ staff.”Tanya Smith“Personal Mastery was a journey of enlightenment and growth and it has brought calm, love, joy, direction, purpose, passion and awareness into my life. I feel empowered and ready for the next chapter of my life. Thank you.”Sandra Cirillo“eQ Personal Mastery provided so many wonderful experiences and spaces to get in touch with my inner self and learn to appreciate all that I am. Going through such eye opening experiences with a group of beautilful and supportive people makes all the difference. Especially learning to get vulnerable with people I’ve only just met, it was quite liberating.”Victoria Bradshaw“Wow, what an amazing week this has been. In my 44 years I have never had such a shift in my life. I now Love myself and forgive those who have given me pain. I feel free, alive and beautiful like I’ve never felt before.”Brooke Cameron