Presentation Skills

Every single time we run any program or seminar, we are asked the question; “how can I learn to present like you do?”

eQ presenters are engaging, informative, enlightening, and just really good at what they do. At Presenter Training, our most skilled presenters will reveal all the secrets that go into making our seminars and programs so interesting and valuable for our clients.

This is for you if you want to start presenting, improve your current skills, or become a world class presenter.

You will learn what it takes to be an influential and inspirational presenter, trainer or instructor, touching the lives of people at a very deep and meaningful level AND you’ll learn the skills of the elite and passionate eQ presenters who have inspired over 30,000 people to change their lives throughout Australia.

Our programs are famous for their entertainment value and the massive learning outcomes participants’ experience. Our presenters are taught how to make learning fun, transformational and lasting

Presenter Training
Good presenters can captivate people; they gain attention with a confident, enthusiastic approach. Over three days, learn how to confidently speak in public, or present to groups of people both large and small.

Advanced Presenter Training
Great leaders have all developed the ability to engage with their followers in a way that inspires them to be more and achieve more. During this three day program you will study the techniques of the great orators so that you will have the skill to adopt their winning techniques as the opportunity requires.

You will learn practical presentation techniques that you can apply immediately to bring more success to your life. You’ll also learn the sales skills of Master Presenters necessary for anyone wishing to earn an incredible income in the presenter/training business.

  • Enhance your current presenting skills
  • Embark on a corporate training career
  • Become a globally sought after leader
  • Inspire your team
  • Add a new dimension to your career or business
  • Learn models for more meaningful relationships in business, at home and at play

You will learn to become a top-class presenter and facilitator with a massive increase in your skills, knowledge, self confidence and your results.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the program…

“Wow… what an amazing course! The techniques and tools I have learnt are above and beyond any presenter training I have ever been to. After being in education for over 15 years I have gained so much more in 3 days than in the last 15 years. Thank you! The vast experience, skills and ability of the trainers presenting this have given me techniques to deal with pretty much any situation when presenting.”
Christine Burns

“The presenters course has been totally amazing. I have presented many times for many years though I’ve learnt so many new tips, techniques and skills. I have also connected with amazing people. I received constructive feedback in an incredibly supportive way. I have learnt so many new things to integrate within my professional career. Thank you so much.”
Elizabeth Pritchard

“I came into presenter training not knowing what to expect. I walked out knowing so much more about myself than I ever could have imagined. The teachers were amazing, I can’t thank them enough!”
Nadia Sword

“I really enjoyed the whole experience. I got so much learning around the various parts to presenting as well as about myself. It was amazing the way we were taken on a journey of self-discovery to find that presenter within all of us. My confidence grew, my belief in myself grew and all in a way that was totally amazing. I am very thankful and grateful for the whole experience.”
Rebekah Pieper

“Wow!!! What a sensational 3 days. I have learnt so much about style and techniques for presenting as well as really developing my confidence around the skills I already had. It was brilliant to be able to present and receive feedback in a safe and encouraging environment and I can really feel my personal growth over the 3 days. Thank you, I really appreciate the knowledge shared.”
Kim Ashcroft

“Thank you for this life changing, professional presenter’s course. The style, attention to detail and agenda was concisely formulated to ensure each participant achieved their desired intention for the course. Each exercise was devised and delivered in a way that was tailor made to each person’s individual growth. I received everything I came to achieve and so much more. A magnificent investment with huge growth and potential achieved. Thank you. ”
Jacqui Hibberd