Wealth Mastery

Palazzo Versace - Gold Coast

The Wealth Mastery Program will change the way you think, feel and act so profoundly and dramatically that it will be hard to believe you haven’t been living the life of your dreams until now.Imagine experiencing true wealth in your life on a daily basis. Imagine being comfortable with luxury and attracting more of it into your life.Wealth Mastery is about living a life of luxury with a fun, like-minded group of friends. It’s about experiencing the worthiness of the wealthy and knowing that within our core we have the ability to attract everything we want in life with ease and grace. Wealth Mastery is about limousines, 5 star restaurants and hotels, helicopters, shopping sprees, theatre and so much more.

Palazzo Versace – Gold Coast

It takes a special kind of person who is willing to stretch their beliefs about what is possible in life. It takes a special kind of person who is willing to throw themselves into an environment which shifts the fundamental core of who we are. Are you a person who wants more out of life, knows it is possible and wants to experience all life has to offer?

   What is Wealth Mastery?

  • 5 trips of 3 days each
  • Accommodation in 5 and 6 star hotels
  • All meals, including luxurious degustation menus and high teas
  • Limousines, helicopters, yachts
  • Theatre / Ballet / Musicals
  • Shopping trips with image consultants
  • Massages and fun activities

Why Should You Attend?

Immersing yourself in an environment of success is infectious. You will find yourself thinking and acting differently when you experience a lifestyle normally reserved for the wealthy. You will find yourself attracting all the good things life has to offer.You should attend if you want more out of life and want to create incredible lasting friendships with like-minded people whilst having loads of fun.Wealth Mastery is restricted to clients who have completed the Life Design or Become a Success Coach programs.