Gone in a Day

Gone in a Day“The only constant in life is Change”. How often do we hear that and dismiss it? Another new age personal development cliché.

True, it’s a cliché, yet what I have learnt about most clichés is that they are based in fact and truth. I am training in a beautiful part of Victoria called Steels Creek at the Centre for Human Transformation. A grand name indeed, for what was once a very grand place of healing and change.

This centre was built on the vision of a healer in service. Simple. Life here has been simple. We make our own food, we sleep in a bunk house and there’s not even an inside toilet. It’s called a bush or the Long Drop (I shall leave it to your intelligence to work out which is for what). Until February 2009 this was a grand establishment. A seven level home, multiple places for sleeping, two temples dedicated to Men’s and Women’s business. Built on the love and vision of a couple.

Then Spirit made a decision. The bush fires of Black Saturday swept through.

All that remains is two buildings; the eating/cooking/sleeping building and the Men’s temple.

A place that looked to be here forever was eradicated in one day. 35 years of a man’s work gone in one day.

It has touched me unexpectedly to think of the deep impermanence of life. How we just presume, that what is here now, will be here always and ignore the truly important moments as they pass by unrecognised.

There is a push in our life these days to go for the status symbols; the cars, the houses, the trips. Noble and fine pursuits. I drive a Mercedes and LOVE it. Really love it, she goes like the wind (up to the speed limit of course). One day though she’ll rust and stop working.

These pursuits have to be balanced. Balanced with what we truly treasure, what touches our soul. For me it’s the moments of connection over a glass of beautiful red wine with my lover. An unexpected compliment from a stranger. The ache in my body after training. A smile of delight from a niece. The joy in doing work that I LOVE every day.

The real status symbols are the quality of our relationships, the vitality in our body and the love that flows through us.

A clip from the movie Dead Poets Society terms this beautifully; “We are food for worms lads. One day we will stop breathing and die”.

My question for you today is: how can you commit to live every day from this one to that?

Look for the treasured moments of impermanence. The moment of delight in your child’s eye when they learn a new skill, the look of concentration on your lover’s face as they solve a Sudoku, the ray of sun that lights a flower. These make a permanent difference to your life – and just maybe to the life of someone else too.

Live today. Breath today. Love Today.