Have you done the impossible?

PossibleHave you ever heard or made the statement “if you had told me twelve months ago that I would now be ….. I would have laughed in your face”?  I recently took the time to reflect on how my life had changed dramatically over the last twelve months. As a result I realised that there are many things that I have done, or do now, that 12 months ago I would have dismissed. Twelve months ago you would have heard me make statements like the following:  “that’s not me, or I don’t do that, or worse, I can’t possibly swim in the ocean, walk on fire twice, find my dream job.”  I’m happy to confirm that I have done all of those things and much more.

In twelve months many things can change drastically in our lives. It is possible to meet and marry your life partner, have a child which may not have even been on the cards, buy a property that you didn’t think you had the money for or even run a marathon when you’ve never run more than 5km before.

All through the eQ community in the last twelve months there is evidence of these and many other amazing and life changing events. As a coach it is an honour to witness dramatic and rapid transformation as well as the transformation that happens over longer periods of time.

Commitment is the most common ingredient in all of this success! How do we know, then, what we should commit to? The most obvious answer is whatever aligns with your purpose. If you ever catch yourself saying, “I’ve always wanted to . . .” it is a clear indication that you should pursue that goal. Always ensuring that it is safe for yourself, those around you and the environment.

When I look back over the last 12 months I think “wow if I did all that in 12 months, what is achievable in the next 12?”  As the end of the year looms close what have you done this year that 12 months ago was inconceivable and what do you want to tick off your bucket list in the next twelve?