How to Make Better Choices

choicesImagine if someone handed you a guidebook for life.

A book that contains the answers to all of the questions you have ever asked yourself and others… And when you pick it up you can simply flick to the right page, find the answer and know that you are making the right decision and doing the right things at the right time.

Unfortunately, we haven’t come across a book that holds all the answers to your life. (If you find one, please let us know!)

If there was a guidebook for life, it would be one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. You know the ones where the story comes to a ‘fork in the road’ and you have to turn to page 89 if you want him to follow the white rabbit through the grassy field or turn to page 53 if you want to ride the black horse into the sunset?

The point is, everyone’s journey is different. The choices you make are your responsibility and yours alone. Everything you have or don’t have, everything you do or don’t do and everything you are or are not is a result of the choices you make.

Not happy with your life? Make better choices.

Observe whether your decisions are heart based or head based. Are you weighing up all the options, making a mental list of all the pros and cons and playing out the consequences of every possible future scenario in your head? Or do you trust your gut instinct or intuition to tell you which is the best choice?

Using logic and going by your gut feel are both perfectly normal decision-making processes. The next time you are making a big decision, check whether your head and your heart are in alignment, or are they playing a cunning game of tug-of-war? If they are, who is winning?

For some of you, the answers to these questions will make you feel a little uncomfortable. Great! This means you are ready to start making some positive changes in your life.

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Remember, YOU are the only person responsible for your life.