In the Hot Heat: Chris Emmerson

TransienceToday we talk with Chris Emmerson about the journey to create the life he only dreamed about.

When I attended the Personal Success Intensive weekend I stood up to be coached and used as an example. At the time I told Pete that I was intending on going to Perth to become a teacher of mechanics, as I had been a mechanic for many years and was looking for a change. It wasn’t what I wanted to do really but it was all that I saw was available to me. Pete asked the question “If nothing was an issue, what would you do?”. I told him what I really wanted to do and he responded to me “Why don’t you go and do that?”. Straight away I thought, how?

What I learnt from PSI and from the Life Design course was that people can say that you can’t but it doesn’t mean it is the truth. So after becoming clear on what I really wanted to do and having the inspiration of my peers to rise to the challenge, I set about creating the life I wanted.

What I wanted was to create trance music dance parties and become a promoter and events co-ordinator for the music industry, particularly trance music. I went to talk to events companies looking for a foot in the door. It dawned on me after many conversations that I should start my own events and promotions company. That is how Transience was born. I had the drive and the ambition to want to do it.

After six weeks I was organising my first event. I had 4 DJs that partnered with me to create the dance party. I now have 15 DJs that have joined up with Transience. Transience Facebook page has had 443 likes in three months Other people promote me now and people link me to their contacts which has been valuable. Our next gig is in six weeks time in Sydney.

I still work as a mechanic three days a week but the rest of the time I am now studying a bachelor of entertainment management at AIM which will take four years to complete. I didn’t have the standard credentials so straight out of the Life Design course I went and applied and organised a meeting with the dean of the school to discuss what my plans were in the industry. After an hour long conversation he decided to take a punt and let me enrol without meeting all the standard criteria. That was a great day.

Since I have started doing what is true for me to do I have met a guy that was inspirational. Turns out he went to the same school as I did. Now we are working on starting up our own record label by 2014. That is really exciting.
This is what I have figured out so far. Life, whilst it is short, is the longest thing you will ever have to do. You can pretend you have everything handled but if you look in the mirror and you have that niggling feeling going on inside then you know you don’t have it handled. If you know you are better than this and you want it to be different then don’t waste a minute. Quit, be miserable, or do something about it.

I couldn’t see myself doing what I was doing for another 30 years. I was distraught inside and finally I had to do something different. Do you wait or do you change now? Grab the bull with both hands and you will learn a lesson out of it and eventually it will work. What your heart has been telling you is what you should do. Doors in life will open to help you get what you want, the moment you are on purpose the doors open and there is flow.

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