In the Hot Seat: Emma Lambert

Emma LambertEmma has been working at eQ since January 2012 in customer care and sales. We sat down over a cup of Chai and caught up with where she is at. Emma has been working with children around the world for over 10 years now. This year alone she went to Tanzania and America to support kids and teens in learning to believe in themselves and to create anything they want. She is an amazing and very bubbly young woman of 26.

“Prior to attending Personal Success Intensive I was working for a company selling roller shutters and solar electricity. It was nowhere near the job I was wanting. I have done a lot of personal development work over the years and have worked in the personal development industry and was lost and had lost my energy and enthusiasm.

PSI helped me re-commit in my life to myself. I loved how it was presented and the flow. I loved the awareness that came from the processes. I am an avid vision boarder. I have a vision wall at home. After PSI I was clearer on my vision.

Since then I have released 30 kilos in weight and I got serious about my health. At PSI I felt this commitment. I just got it. It has been incredible and I have had a lot of clearing.

I just completed the Life Design course two days ago which was hands down the best course I have ever done. My biggest aha was that I had been playing from a small place in life. Believing old stories that were no longer true or serving me, putting myself into overwhelm and not asking for help. I had so many realisations at Life Design. Today I am just flying with my excitement for the future.

My vision is to be a coach and help as many people on this planet as possible. I want to study to be a nutritionist also. In two years time I am going to start running marathons so health is a huge priority for me now. My greatest learning is that life is about loving, learning and growing. Being true to the truth and having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. My job at eQ is that I pay it forward and talk to all out beautiful clients. Paying it forward is the motto of my life and life is good.”

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