In the Hot Seat: Katie Lucas

Katie LucasToday we interviewed our very own sales star Katie Lucas – here’s what she had to say…

Hey Katie! How did you come to eQ?

I was in a not so great place – my relationship had just broken up and my mum found eQ on the internet and said that we should go to PSI. My mum, sister, and myself went along and I thought it was fantastic, just what we all needed. We still keep tabs on each other knowing all the tools we learnt. I had heaps of “aha moments”, I learned heaps about relationships, and I felt like I remembered who I was and what I needed to do in order to step into my truth.

What were doing before you became involved with eQ?

I was working in an outdoor clothing and equipment store, knowing that it was a stepping stone for me, before that I was living the dream working as a bush walking tour guide, walking 107km every 2 weeks with a 20kg backpack, without balance and understanding for the rest of my life. I never had the emotional understanding I have now from learning so much through eQ, I became exhausted and continued to get sick with glandular fever and a very sensitive gluten intolerance. I then started studying holistic health coaching (if you can’t beat it, join the inspiration for solution) – which I became certified in last week! I know have very low intolerance and live a life of healthy clean eating.

You’ve done Life Design, what was it that you were looking to get out of the program?

I was looking for some direction and to find my spark for life. I was looking to build some confidence. I learned what was possible around business and finances.

What has changed for you since Life Design?

I have the mindset to know that everything I’ve dreamt of for the last 10 years is now possible. I’ve wanted so many things my whole life and now instead of just being a dreamer and thinking I was working towards them, I’m now putting things in place to do it. I’ve now got an amazing high vibration of support around me to keep me accountable and on path.

With my money and finances, I was never really able to take control or responsibility for my money. When the business and finance section was on at Life Design, I kept repeating a mantra to myself “open mind, open heart, open mind, open heart”. Part of this was being ok with owning my dream car and managing my money with a such a big responsibility, and now I have my dream car which feels amazing, the freedom I’ve got is awesome and I feel responsible for creating it and for my finances.

You did Personal Mastery too, how was that for you?

It changed my life. Life design bought my confidence back and got me back on the horse and everything was moving forward, and then Personal Mastery bought back my inner sparkle. My inner goddess. I was able to let go of a lot of things that were holding me back from having what I wanted, and I learned to love who I am.

What’s the most exciting vision or goal that you have that you are working towards at the moment?

Starting up my health coaching business as well as setting in motion steps towards becoming a presenter at PSI and knowing that I’ve got the ability to move forward within eQ.

What pearl of wisdom would you like to share?

You might want to succeed and you might want to keep going and going, make sure you don’t have blinkers for just one thing. Make sure you keep balance and surrender to the things that will get you to your purpose.

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