In the Hot Seat: Lotus Kruse

Lotus KruseThis week, the tables have been turned. Our usual interviewer, Lotus, is in the Hot Seat.

Scotty: So Lotus, tell us what it is you do at eQ, because you seem to have your fingers in a few pies.

Lotus: Yes I do, it feels more like a juggling artist some days. Well, I am a coach and a presenter, I co-ordinate and create the content for Success Club around Australia and I am one half of the marketing department.

Scotty: What is your favourite part?

Lotus: All of it really. It I gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively as well as serve, support and empower people shine bright. Who wouldn’t want my job?

Scotty: How did you come to be hanging out in the eQ community?

Lotus: Well I have been doing my own personal development growth since I was a teenager and I noticed about 3 years ago that I had fallen asleep to myself. My marriage was ending and as the mad hatter would say, I had lost much of my muchness. Pete (Peter Conna) and I have been friends for many years and so I thought to come and do PSI to help me get my muchness back. I was working as an interior stylist and personal organiser at the time which I loved doing very much. Most of my clients were needing an overhaul in their environment to support them productively and to nurture them. The most important work was clarifying what was and wasn’t working for them, how they would love to experience their life and how to create an environment of beauty that could be an expression of themselves. A lot of them hadn’t thought about these things for years. So doing the Become a Success Coach course was an obvious addition to my skills in that business. I attended Life Design straight after the coaching course as part of my own recalibration in life. So it has been a natural progression that has built upon itself.

Scotty: So how come you work as a coach full time now?

Lotus: I am always looking for more and more ways to leverage and supporting more and more people to find their muchness, their spark of creative brilliance. From my own challenges around being a single mother of two boys (my youngest one was one and a half when my marriage ended) whilst building a business and career that is congruent with my spirited nature, I have come to be passionate about helping other women become financially powerful in their own life and to start businesses that expresse their soul’s true calling. I still style spaces and organise lives, mostly though I teach people how to be productive by leveraging their natural abilities and living from their heart. I know it sounds woo woo but it is what I know to be the most creative force in my life.

Scotty: Do you have any advice or pearls of wisdom to share with people?

Lotus: I think Steve Jobs said it all;

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

By Peter Conna

Educator, Mentor and Business Growth Expert Peter brings a unique combination of intelligence, practicality and exuberant passion to add enormously to the success of client’s personal, business and financial lives. With over 25 years of experience in business and having coached over 2,000 individuals and presented to over 35,000 clients, his knowledge is enviable and enthusiasm infectious. Peter Conna, clearly one of the most experienced mentors and educators in Australia can also boast academic standing with qualifications including a Certificate IV in Coaching, Certificate IV in Real Estate, Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), Bachelor of Business and Masters of Education. He is currently completing a Masters of Counselling. Driven by a strong sense of contribution, Peter enjoys hearing stories of success from his clients and the stories from the Make a Wish Foundation children he works so hard to support. His efforts to date have raised over $625,000 for the charity. He has recently created the eQ Foundation, a charity set to sponsor the education of over 1,000 children in developing countries this year. He is committed to helping individuals achieve outstanding results by providing integrity based mentoring and coaching.