In the Hot Seat: Sally Meshel

Sally MeshelI was so excited to go to Personal Success Intensive as I was having a terrible time about my job. Then in October I went to Life Design and in the past year the increase in my self esteem has been incredible. I no longer worry about what other people think. Sometimes I slip a bit with my self esteem but my coach Scott, reminds me to think differently.

Spiritually I had a huge moment during one of the processes at Life Design and from then on it has been onward and upward. It used to be that even if I set goals, I would be disappointed but now they all happen. I set myself goals and they come about. I have created work as a school teacher that I wanted. I have built my Intimo business in sales with no effort. I have built up my confidence around public speaking and was able to speak at my own wedding in March, which was the best day of my life.

Scotty, my coach is very supportive and holds me accountable to my goals. I have learnt what works for me through coaching. If I focus on too many things, nothing happens but when I focus on one thing at a time I am able to manifest amazing results.

Success Club has been really helpful too. It helps me get back into the environment and catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while. I am now living proof that if you set and write down your goals and then act on they will come to happen. My vision board has ticks all over it and I am now ready to make a new one.

I can tell people what I have learnt from PSI, Life Design, Coaching, Success Club and my accountability buddy, till I am blue in the face and they won’t believe me until they experience it for themselves and take action. I am now affectionately called Little Miss Manifestor by my coach and other people in the eQ community that know me. That feels good.

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