In the Hot Seat: Shelly Hares

Shelly HaresToday we talk to Shelly Hares. Shelly is affectionately called miss Western Australia or the go to girl of Perth. She is a much loved part of the eQ team and a radiant girl to know.

So Shelly tell us about what you do and why you do it?

My passion is being a health and well-being coach which comprises of a few different parts like Reiki, massage, personal training and mediation groups as well as life coaching. I am passionate about exercising and physical health because it gets my energy moving and keeps me motivated. I love furthering my personal development for my own enjoyment and self knowledge and I do a lot of clearing work to keep me at the top of my game. Meditation and exercise are a part of my daily routine which helps to heal, repair and provides me with clarity. Coaching comes naturally to me and I have realized that I have been doing it anyway in my life and now I have the skills to question and give direction and clarity to my clients.

Before my new career and life path I had a background of working in the oil and gas industry. I used to work three and four weeks straight of 16 hour days. I was unhappy and overweight and making loads of money and travelling the world but all on my own. I had a lot of material things and now I have less and it is more. Now that I have developed and found my passion I have a better relationship with myself and I don’t need all the external things to fulfil me. I feel richer than ever before.

How did you come to be such and integral part of eQ?

I found eQ through searching the internet. In 2009 I attended PSI. That year I was searching for courses and places to develop. After attending PSI I went straight on to attend Life Design and shortly after said yes to doing the logistics for the Perth PSI. Since then I have gone on to train as a coach, become an eQ coach and now present Success Club for Perth.

What do you get out of running the logistics for Perth?

Three years as logistics queen of Perth has taught me many skills. I have learnt how to juggle lots of balls whilst staying cool, calm and collected. I have learnt to think on my feet and backing my own decisions. I feel like the hub between the presenter, the participants and the assist team. I love supporting peoples development and helping to motivate them to have an amazing experience.

Why is Presenting Success Club each month so important to you?

Oh… I love it. I love supporting our graduates because they have the courage to show up for themselves. I like being a facilitator for their work and learning. They are the ones doing the work and it is a privilege to be apart of someone’s journey. With all the Success Club participants and also my coaching clients, I love them being exposed to raw challenges and then celebrating their wins with them. I have had my own wins too along the way. There was a time when I would run and check my watch to find I had only run for a minute or two and think What! I used to hate it. Now I am running 12 kilometre fun runs and my goal for 2013 is to run some half marathons. Pretty excited.

What’s some Shelly pearls of wisdom you would like to share?

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep showing up for yourself because it is worth it in the end and you will connect with yourself and your happiness. Use the support along the way. You do not have to do it alone. Prioritise yourself first.

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