Marketing Without Money: How to Market Your Business for Free

empty pocketsYou have a vision/product/skill you want to share with the world. Everything is ready to go on a tight budget. All you need now is to find people to email/call/visit you and ask for it. Oh, and you don’t have much money for marketing. What can you do?

Many of your ever-helpful friends (with regular jobs) will offer their advice on what to do with your money. Before you spend time and your limited cash on their well-intentioned ideas, consider how much you can do without spending any money.

Step one must be to know what are you selling. Every business sells solutions. Some think they are selling objects, but we are all selling a solution to someone’s problem. A bicycle can be; a means to travel from A to B, a form of exercise, a social outing, a competition tool, a status symbol. A cake can be because I’m hungry now or I want to celebrate an occasion.

So what problems do you solve? If you can demonstrate you know how to fix a customer’s problem in a way that meets their expectations, then you can either sell them that solution or recommend the best alternative from another business you have a relationship with. Either way, you are building a reputation that will travel by word of mouth or the internet.

Action: Compile a list of problems you can solve. These are valuable material to shape and focus your marketing. Your list may be short or long. If it is short, great! You are ready to pick one or two to start with. If it is long, great! You have lots of raw material. Group the list into related categories and pick one category to start with.

Paul is a small business and life coach based in Adelaide. If you feel this has been helpful to you, please pass it on. Paul can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.