Mastering Your Work-Life Balance

carefree man on bicycleWhen you’re so focused on work, family, friends and everything else going on in your life, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Life becomes dull and exhausting and your energy and motivation starts to decline. You fall into a routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat. When this happens, it’s important to realise you need to take some time out for yourself to recuperate from the stress and take a break from your responsibilities.

It may be easier than you think to get back on track to happier, more balanced lifestyle. Here are several tips to create balance between your personal and professional life:

1. Be aware of where your time goes

Have you ever worked on a project and looked up at your clock, realising that it’s been 2-3 hours since you started? You wonder where the time goes and start to panic because you still have so much else to do! Reduce these surprising moments by being more aware of your time. Use a timer app on your phone to help you keep track of time and give yourself a time limit for each task you do for the day. You can also use a spreadsheet or note pad as a time log to keep track of where your time goes.

2. Eliminate all distractions, and focus on one task at a time

It’s so easy to get distracted from the task at hand, and it eats up so much more of your time than you realise. That’s why it’s crucial for you to eliminate any distractions from your environment while you work on one task. Even though this tip may sound obvious, people still continue to allow distractions, such as technology, social media and other unimportant tasks, waste their time. Keep your focus on a single task, and move on to the next one after you’ve completed it.

3. Wake up earlier

Many successful people have the habit of waking up earlier. The earlier you wake up, the more time in the day you’ve made for yourself. If you wake up 1-2 hours earlier, you’ll have 1-2 extra hours to work on any personal or work projects you have or even use it to take time for yourself. Go to the gym, meditate or spend time planning your day. With at least one more waking hour in your day, you’ll be more motivated to get more done. Just remember tip number 2, because distractions can waste that precious extra time that you made for yourself.

Mastering your work-life balance isn’t going to happen overnight. However, spending time finding and refining balance in your life is well worth the effort. You will be more relaxed, clear-headed and have more energy.

If you would like to master your work-life balance and find more time for yourself, here’s how you can.

About the Author Jessica Vernon