Michelle’s Brave Battle with Breast Cancer

Alexander Ansalone –
MichelleI met Michelle in April 2012. She is the love of my life. In October 2012, Michelle felt a lump in her breast.

A biopsy confirmed Michelle’s diagnosis; a stage 4 triple negative cancer tumour in her right breast. Triple negative cancers can survive many chemotherapy treatments making it a very difficult cancer to conquer.

We were devastated and had to act quickly. The tumour was removed, along with 18 lymph nodes. Michelle also had a double mastectomy as precaution.

Chemotherapy would follow, but not before a blood test confirmed Michelle was pregnant. We were unable to keep the pregnancy due to Michelle’s treatment. It was an incredibly difficult decision. Our first child remains in our hearts.

Before the chemotherapy was administered, Michelle’s eggs were stored at the Melbourne IVF clinic. After her first round of chemotherapy, she lost her beautiful golden hair. Michelle battled on; however, the toll on her mental and physical wellbeing was starting to escalate.

After many arduous months of recovering from treatment, Michelle and I decided to have another child. We managed to fall pregnant naturally. Sadly, we had to terminate the pregnancy in September 2013, would not survive due to abnormalities.

By this point my admiration for Michelle was sky high! She remained positive as always and did her best to push on.

In December 2013 Michelle had the final surgery for her breast reconstruction. In February this year Michelle was able to return to work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling she had won her battle with breast cancer!

In August this year Michelle had her yearly check up with her breast surgeon. We got the devastating news that the cancer had spread to her spine.

Michelle is now 26 weeks pregnant with our third pregnancy. We are currently undergoing every treatment possible to conquer the cancer.

The cost of fighting cancer is high. Constant MRIs, X-rays, scans, specialist appointments along with medical treatment means we have spent thousands.

In the coming weeks, we will begin radiotherapy. Another round of chemotherapy will also be administered due to the aggressiveness of the cancer. Twelve new tumours have grown in the last two months.

Anyone who knows Michelle knows she is a fighter! She is also the most positive person I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I am raising money for Michelle’s ongoing treatment, which could involve going to China for alternative treatments that are not available in Australia. The cost of this treatment could exceed $40,000.

Any donation, big or small, will help fund Michelle’s treatment.

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