Random Acts of Kindness

woman's hand holding symbol - red heart. Against blue backgroundEvery month, the eQ team looks forward to the excitement and adventure that we call “Team Time”. Sometimes we have fun activities such as trampolining and paintball; sometimes Team Time is focused around team bonding activities that are designed to help us get to know each other better and work together as a team and other times Team Time is all about contribution.

Last week, our team paid it forward with Random Acts of Kindness. We went to a nearby shopping centre and spent 2 hours finding as many ways to help people as possible! Here’s just some of what happened…

Margaret gave flowers to a screaming child who was having a temper tantrum because he didn’t want to go to swimming lessons. The boy stopped, looked up at her and smiled. She also gave flowers to a cancer sufferer who was undergoing chemo. She looked into her eyes, connected with her soul and gave her the flowers with love. The lady’s response; “You made my day!”

Jamie bought coffee for people and gave out free hugs. He then bumped into a friend who owed him some money… and he paid him the money! Jamie also had a laugh when one cheeky guy said he could use some help going to the toilet!

Dom helped an elderly lady do her shopping, paid for her groceries and carried her bags to the car. She cried tears of happiness and said she wanted to adopt him!

Everyone finished the challenge beaming from ear to ear. We experienced so much joy from the experience of giving kind words, deeds and gifts – perhaps even more than the people who received them!

About the Author Jessica Vernon