Social Media for Small Business: Is it Worth the Effort?

Social MediaIn today’s connected world, social media seems an obvious marketing tool. Create a page and tell your clients and friends and away you go. 15 to 20 minutes, a couple of photos, a few well chosen words and you’re done.

Recent online commentary has described the rapid evolution of social media from a possible sales channel to one of brand awareness, lead generation and loyalty. Some businesses, large and small, have yet to catch on and are at risk of being perceived as the loud unwelcome guest at the party that will not stop telling everyone how good they are.

On social media, people are looking for a conversation or information, not an advertisement to ‘buy this now’. Social media is the place to walk the talk of your business. Do this consistently and people who are interested in your solutions will be attracted to you.

A social media presence is not essential. Poorly executed social media is worse than none. It all depends on how well you do it. If you don’t think you will be disciplined enough to maintain the conversation, you may choose to limit your use of social media.

There are many household names that have experienced epic failures on social media. Simply search ‘social media fails’, read and learn.

Recent changes to Facebook make it even more important that in order to be high in news feeds, attract likes and attract people to your page, you must be generating unique content, not just forwarding on the work of others.

You can be saying the same things as others. You only need to say it your way. Some great ways to get more interaction (like, comments, shares etc) include using humour, including a photo or image with a caption and using positive language.

Paull is a small business and life coach based in Adelaide. If you feel this has been helpful to you, please pass it on. Paul can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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