Success Story: Andrew Hull – Finding My Purpose

I just thought I would share with you and your team a little of how my life has changed after first completing PSI and then Life Design in 2010.

At the time I was searching, like a lot of other people, for the bigger purpose I was created for and all I knew was I that I didn’t want to continue in a business that I hated and in an industry where I didn’t seem to fit in. I knew I loved people and the connection between us all and always thought I had a lot to give and offer other people based on my own experience and struggles through life.

It was after speaking to Niki during one of our coaching sessions – I was not letting go of what I didn’t want to have, and she asked me, “what do you have to worry about?”, I was financially ok, I’m healthy, I have a supportive partner, great kids and lots of opportunities or options.

I realised that fear of failure, of not being good enough, of having to struggle, these thoughts held me back, so I said to myself screw it, do it!

I started to close the business down, finished my TAA Cert IV, and started to think about what I wanted to do. My passion has been to work with men to improve our communication with each other and the world around us, my other passion is creativity. I love seeing people being creative – art, music, theatre, architecture etc, and I wanted to help disadvantaged people.

On my life’s purpose card (and I only looked at this again recently), I wrote that I wanted to teach in outreach at TAFE, I wanted to connect in a truthful and honest way, I wanted to volunteer and be of service to others and I wanted to work 4 days a week.

For the past 2 years I have been teaching through outreach at TAFE 3 days per week, I work with ex-offenders, day release prisoners, long term unemployed, people with mental health issues, physically challenged, people with drug and alcohol issues, and sometimes all in the one class.

I teach them how to be creative using recycled building products and also mentor them and teach communication and life skills. At first I was lucky to have them stay in the class room for 30 minutes before they became agitated. Now I have them engaging and participating for 4 hours straight, I have changed their lives and they have changed mine.

I teach at a community farm which is a partnership with CANA communities (a charity that gets no Government funding) and TAFE NSW. The project is one of a kind, has won three major awards and now is being nominated for an international award. We also have been filmed for the ABC gardening show.

I have also started another business running creative workshops called Urban Waste Creations and have the support from councils that pay me to teach their rate payers how to be creative with waste. I am also being asked to be part of other creative ventures and just recently helped design a new pop up park in Penrith and also designed and built a huge pallet piazza for the ABC gardening live show at the Hordern Pavilion last week.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t gone along to PSI and found my life’s purpose. So thank you all and keep up the good work you all do.

Andrew Hull

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