The Key to Success is…

Woman in car with mapPicture this… You’re driving to somewhere you have never been before.

Before you start driving, you’ll want to know where you are going. So you type the address into your GPS or smart phone. Perhaps you look it up on Google maps before you get in the car. In the old days, you would have looked up your street directory. The point is that before you go, you have a plan of how you will get there.

So, it makes sense to plan your life in the same way, in that you have a destination (a goal) and you have some turns (actions) you need to take to get there. Sometimes the journey you take to get there is different to the one you planned. (In my case, this happens quite a lot!).

The GPS could direct you off track; your friend may show you a short-cut or maybe you need to go a different way due to roadwork. You may be running a little late as things didn’t go exactly to plan, but in the end you will get there.

Perhaps when you arrive, someone tells you it would be quicker to take a different route to the one you took. By then, it doesn’t matter; the important thing is you got there!

Now imagine you got in the car without checking Google maps or your GPS. You just turned the key, drove out the driveway and hoped for the best. It is highly likely you won’t make it to your destination. If by some miracle, you do get there; chances are it will take you so long you will have missed out on whatever it is you were going for!

It doesn’t matter if things don’t go exactly according to plan; the important thing is that you have a plan. If you don’t know what your goals are, how do you expect to achieve them? As Zig Zigglar said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

The key to success is having a well defined plan and taking consistent action.

Most people spend more time planning their holidays than they do planning their lives. In my opinion, that’s crazy! You wouldn’t go to a tropical island getaway and take your winter woollies, nor would you pack your bikini or boardies if you were going to the snow. (Ok, you might if there was a spa, but you get my drift.)

It doesn’t mean your plan needs to be long or explained in great detail. Some of the best laid plans are written on a single piece of paper.

It doesn’t mean you need to follow every step on your plan exactly in the order you wrote it at exactly the time you specified. Things change, sh*t happens and sometimes the journey you take goes on a bit of a tangent.

What it does mean, is you need to always keep the end goal in mind, regardless of the roadblocks you encounter along the way. If a certain course of action isn’t working for you, don’t give up, switch to another course of action. If that doesn’t work, find another way.

Your plan is a working document that should be updated regularly. When you think you have exhausted all your options, remember this – you haven’t!

Write your goals using emotive language that inspires you. If you are a visual person, use pictures to evoke emotion. Make sure your goals are in a place where you see them every day.

So get planning, enjoy the ride and celebrate when you get to your destination!

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