The Power of Stories and how a Donkey blew up the Internet..

donkeyThe wisdom of the ancients, the tribal rights of passage and the traditions and rituals of religion and spirituality all have one thing in common.  Whether you look on a cave wall, enter the sacred space of the pyramids, visit a temple or church or when you were sitting cross legged on the classroom floor of your school there is one thing all of these places have in common.  That is, story telling.
All of us in our own way are story tellers.  Within those stories is immense power and potential.  The key is the energy and intention of the story.
Often as a mentor, manager, presenter and friend I embrace the the power of story telling.  Whether they be from my own experience or wisdom from the greater consciousness one thing remains true, stories are a way for us to learn about ourselves.  It is true that some stories are of better quality than others, the important question to ask ourselves is if the story is serving our true purpose or is just serving a purpose.
When a story serves our true purpose we are using our past/the past to learn from and allow us to be part of the great knowing and flowing of the universe.  When a story just serves a purpose the challenge quite often is that the intention is to share and perpetuate negativity, criticism , judgement or gossip.  These stories grow like a negative virus duplicating and expanding until they suffocate our potential to grow and flow.
It is important then to embrace the art of story telling in our lives that is in alignment with our true purpose. We already know the power of words in our world, story telling is an extension of this same wisdom, after all, stories are the result of a string of paragraphs, sentences and words.  It  is imperative then to choose and structure those words and sentences impeccably.
What story/stories are you telling ?
Here at eQ events we recently shared the great wisdom contained within the story of the donkey stuck in a well.
What this story has to teach us is profound.  When we have dirt thrown at us we can lie there crying or we can shake it off get up and use it to keep moving in a positive direction.  That maybe what we see as dirt is actually gold.  Or, more importantly no matter your circumstances no one else gets to determine if you are too old, too short too poor to big etc. to determine your potential or worth. Only you hold that power to choose.  When we really comprehend this universal truth then we unlock the power of our own potential and write a story that is used to truly unlock the power in others.
That is the ‘holy grail’, the true meaning of life we have searched for over life times and in the nooks and crannys of the world around us.  The answer has always been right there within us, unlocked only by the story we choose to tell about ourselves.