Tima Goes to Thailand

TimaOne of our superstar coaches, Tima, has taken off on an adventure to Thailand. Tima is currently looking after elephants in the north and next she will be looking after orphans in the south. They say you shouldn’t work with kids or animals – Go Tima for breaking all the rules!!

Here’s a little something she shared with us…

I met a French guy by the name of Niko, on my elephant volunteer program. He gave away all his wealth, cars, computer and left his well paying job in France. He now travels the world offering his time to build homes for the poor, teach English and help where ever he can.

His goal and aim is to build an orphanage in Cambodia by mid next year, he hikes the jungle with us in his flip flops because he gave his shoes to a man in the village who had no shoes. He is the happiest, kindest person I have met.

How many people actually travel and make an effort to get to really know their culture and connect to the local people? And learn how to say their names, instead of giving them Western names just because it’s easier to remember?

I am honoured to have had the opportunity to travel and meet such amazing people, and make a difference to a village.


Tima Casey