Time to blow the cobwebs out of your mind

cleaningSpring time is here again and the Jasmine makes my head spin. Time to take off the woollens and move with a skip in your stride. Spring is a great time to open up all the doors and windows, let the electricity of the air blow through the house and wake everything up. It is also a great time to de-clutter the cobwebs and the garage and kitchen cupboards.

Have you ever spring cleaned your thoughts? Pulled them out and given them a good airing? Bang some of the dust out of your internal rug. Why not give your mind a spring clean too and discover the airy, spacious feeling of thinking lightly.

1. Pull out all the cluttered thoughts you have that seem to be taking up space by free writing. Take a pen and paper (not a computer or laptop) and just write, and write, and write to unpack all your thoughts, worries, half baked plans, and create white space inside your mind.

2. Rummage through the white list and put different types of thinking onto their own page or give each one its own post it note.

  • judgements I have about others
  • judgements I have about myself
  • worries I have
  • what needs fixing or where I am stuck or lost or overwhelmed
  • what I want to create
  • what isn’t working
  • what is working
  • etc etc etc
    (you’ll be surprised how much you crammed in there)

3. Walk around inside your mind noticing what it feels like in there without all the noise and confusion and distractions that are now safetly put to one side. Ask yourself the question “who am I without all this internal clutter?” listen for the answer and write that down. It may be that you are happy, playful, light, FREE, peaceful, creative, focused…

4. Take that answer and find ways to enhance the natural beauty of that desired feeling statement. Give it its own page or three and write all the ways you can have more of that answer in your life. Bike ride, a good gym work out, naps, a regular detox, laughing at a terrible joke, whatever it is that gets you into feeling spacious inside of your mind. Make that desired feeling your primary focus when discerning what thoughts get to come back into your mind space and what thoughts go in the rubbish bin to be up-cycled.

5. Before you start going through your piles you want to get yourself into the flow of that feeling you are wanting. You want to put yourself into the state you want to live in without the inner clutter. So go and dance around the lounge room, go for a walk, have a long shower. Anything to dump nature’s happy drug, dopamine, into your body. You always want to be de-cluttering and spring cleaning from this place and not from a heavy, angry, frustrated, tired, or bored place, otherwise the garbage never really gets put out. This goes for spring cleaning your home, your office, your closet, or your mind.

post it note headNow you are feeling great and lighter and you have blown some cobwebs out of your mind, you are ready to sit down and look through your piles or your sea of post it notes.

6. Look at one thing at a time and question its validity in your life.

  • Is it necessary to keep being angry with that friend or work colleague for that comment they made three months ago? How much real estate in your mind does it take? Are you ready to let it go and start a fresh?
  • Does thinking about yourself in that unkind way help you to live a more prosperous life? What would it be like if you up-cycled that thought with compassion.
  • Do you think you need to send that thank you card or letter of apology to bring about some closure to a relationship or situation?
  • Is there a list of things you gotta stop doing, habitual thoughts that are not feeling comfortable anymore because they are a tight fit as you grow more expansively in your thinking.

Take the time to look through the piles and look at each thing on the list. Ask yourself:

  • is it necessary?
  • does it add value to my life or does it weigh me down?
  • how would I feel if I didn’t think that anymore?
  • Am I ready to let it go and have space for more of what I would love? (desired feeling)
  • Do I really need this, want this or love this thought?

7. Continue to work your way through all your thoughts, judgments, concerns, worries, anxieties and have a good look at each of them and only keep those that serve and support you in being amazing. The rest of them are to be crossed off, thrown out, ceremoniously burned. Take your time, do it slowly, and kindly and see if you can get to a place where everything is crossed off or put back and given a place in your head space.


8. Now all you need to do is upkeep your mental cleaning and tidying on a regular basis. You can use the white space writing technique. Meditation is a great way to clean your thoughts. Stepping into your desired feelings and dumping dopamine into your body all help to clear out the cobwebs and put the garbage of your mind out for collection.

Happy spring and spring cleaning. Now you will have lightness and space for more joy and deliciousness in your life.

Leave a comment below and let us know how you go. Share your mind spring cleaning tips too.

By Peter Conna

Educator, Mentor and Business Growth Expert Peter brings a unique combination of intelligence, practicality and exuberant passion to add enormously to the success of client’s personal, business and financial lives. With over 25 years of experience in business and having coached over 2,000 individuals and presented to over 35,000 clients, his knowledge is enviable and enthusiasm infectious. Peter Conna, clearly one of the most experienced mentors and educators in Australia can also boast academic standing with qualifications including a Certificate IV in Coaching, Certificate IV in Real Estate, Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning), Bachelor of Business and Masters of Education. He is currently completing a Masters of Counselling. Driven by a strong sense of contribution, Peter enjoys hearing stories of success from his clients and the stories from the Make a Wish Foundation children he works so hard to support. His efforts to date have raised over $625,000 for the charity. He has recently created the eQ Foundation, a charity set to sponsor the education of over 1,000 children in developing countries this year. He is committed to helping individuals achieve outstanding results by providing integrity based mentoring and coaching.