Velocity of Ease

EasySometimes we are so focused on a current obstacle or potential roadblock to our desired outcome that we do not notice opportunity knocking. We may be so determined to implement every step of our detailed plan that we do not notice doors opening all around us. We may even ʻdoʼ all the things we think we should be doing to succeed, like a paint by numbers, that we do not hear our intuition calling for us to look outside of our box to notice the serendipitous offering coming our way that we could take action on with so much more ease.

When we find ourselves clear on something we would like to create or bring into being, weather it is a desired new home, a new vocation or a painting, we need to also stay awake to the tendency to want to lock down how the journey needs to look in order for our creation to arrive. One of our biggest mistakes is that we think we have to figure it all out. When this happens we can become so myopic in our view of the creative process that we suck the life out of the goal. We put a noose around the joy of creating. We control how the journey needs to look and we miss out on seeing the magic of surrender and trust.

When a plane takes off in the direction of its destination, it is off course about 90% of the time. Through the navigational knowledge of the pilot or auto pilot the plane continuously corrects its course along the way. The same scenario applies to the creative process. If we know where we are and we know where we want to go, and we are clear about why we want to create, then all that we need to do is correct our course along the journey. Our intuition is our GPS (Go for Passion/Purpose System) for this journey.

If we allow for the probability of curve balls to come our way and as equally for spectacular coincidences to just show up, we loosen up our grip on the way it is supposed to be and we start to allow it to unfold. We enjoy the ride as we feel a YES well up inside and we slip stream into home base with ease.