Watch Your Language!!


Have you heard the saying your words create your world? Well they do so we damn well better choose them wisely!

Whether you go to a library or Facebook has become your library you may have seen the most recent research on how powerful words truly are.  This may include; Dr Emoto’s work with water, the experiments with rice and the difference in molecular structure of different types of tears under the microscope just to mention a few. Shaun Achor from the field of Positive Psychology and Lynn McTaggert a journalist who investigates the power of intention are my personal favourites writing around this topic at the moment.
The thing that amazes me the most is that we now how have scientific proof of universal energy.  Those of us who need proof to have faith can run an experiment and literally see our words creating our world.
What are the most common phases I hear as a coach then?
I’m not good at relationships”.
 ” I have to work hard to get what I want”.
   ” I just don’t know where my money goes”. 
Whatever you focus on you get more of so what we see is people not being good at relationships, having to work hard indefinitely and not knowing where their money goes.  Our power to manifest means that if you say it you’ll see it in your world soon enough. In fact we don’t even have to say it out aloud, just the words that are contained within our thoughts have that same power.
This means then that what ever results you are getting around your money ,your house or your spouse is a result of what you have been saying. The scariest thing of all then is that this means the person you see in the mirror is a result of what you said to and about the person in the mirror yesterday. So if you keep saying “my butt always looks too big”  then, your butt can only do what you say!
So watch your P’s and Q’s , watch what you say and think before you speak, because  the universe keeps saying:
Your wish is my command!”